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Chalkboard Marker FUNN!

Check out the FUNN you can have with enough coffee and the new Close To My Heart Chalkboard Marker! And can you believe this Chalk Board Marker is only $2.95! FUNN Tipp – it doesn’t rub off or smear when you accidentally rest your hand on it.

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Pears and Partridges

Meet Pears and Partridges. I love this paper. It reminds me of some the rich beautiful wrapping papers I have known and adored. Look at those lush greens and vibrant rich reds! Be still my beating heart! This is great for Christmas, sure, but you can use this for much more! Do you remember the […]

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Meet Scholastic. Ledgers, linen, stacks of books, numbers, notebooks, graph paper…I love ’em all. Just look at this earthy, grounded, clever color palette in paper! Perfect for that thing about to happen this week here – school starting. Great for a muted background to layer or multiple strips of interest for your photos. Birthdays? Forgetaboutit! You have […]

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Meet Flirty! Is your life a little hohum hum drum? You need some FLIRTY in your life! Find it starting on page 49 in the Idea Book, then enjoy the next 6 pages full of FUNN! Flirty has a bunch of FUNN applications, too. Tweens, teens to Flirty fifty-somethings – we can all use this […]

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La Belle Vie

Meet La Belle Vie. Cue the accordion music, don the tams, and munch on croissants – it is La Belle Vie! Scrumptious paper pack that wil be a favorite of your pink and black lovers, plus you get some neutrals in there to soften your look. Look, for instance at the sentiment; it is matted in […]

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Wheeee, doggies! Meet Dakota! Git yer boots on and git ready for some FUNN! I can almost smell the hay and sweet feed – how cute is this paper? You won’t have to keep this paper just for barn pictures, though. Fairs, pony rides, dude ranches, you could even celebrate eating at a Tex-Mex restaurant […]

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Meet Clementine! This is a kit who is comfortable in multiple atmospheres from Earth to Mars to beyond! Just look at the variety! Easy to use for your best fall memories (look at card – combine far left brown, 4th yellow and fall sky blue on right). Babies! Easy to create a cube, mini album […]

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Meet AVONLEA! Such a pretty and pretty versatile vintage My Reflections paper kit! Perfect for heritage, lake, woods, granny’s house, vintage, family reunions, to a trip to PEI memories! Pair this paper with Sunset or Sorbet for the hip blues and orange looks. It will be like Anne sitting at Green Gables! Or try adding Blush […]

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From Avonlea to Pears and Partridges

This week on Mary Gunn FUNN! This week I’ll be introducing you to the 8 New Background & Texture papers we’ll be playing with starting now! They made up a couple of pretty darn cute cards, didn’t they? See more every day this week! Products: ALL Close to My Heart Have a Good Ride, Dude: […]

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