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Guess What’s Inside?

Wait until you see what is inside. Will it be sinister? Will it be silly? Will it be profound? Well, what do you think? GUESS – and I will reveal what’s inside (thinking of a specific thing here) and I will reveal…… Go to my fb page and make a guess! The first correct guesser […]

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Which Downton Abbey Character?

Which Downton Abbey character is most like your scrap booking style? Take this simple quiz to discover your inner Downton Abbey scrap booking character! Pick the one best description of your scrap booking style. When I scrapbook, I usually… a. buy a kit or read a book and follow the instructions precisely b. leave out […]

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PURR-fect Cashier Kitty!

One of the hardest parts of having a FUNN Class is charging a supply fee! I stink at gathering money – my expertise is more along the line of spending money. So,  this little kitty will be my new cashier. I might even name her “Cash”. Made from an old pair of jeans and handy […]

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3 Thoughts on Photos and Smiling

Just a quick thought about photos for you this weekend… 1. Not every photo has to have a big toothy grin. 2. For a more elegant look, try a “half” smile with your lips closed – plus you don’t have to worry if you have spinach in your teeth. 3. You don’t smile all the […]

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Just looked through a bunch of beautiful photos in an email. Thought I’d share some of my favorites. I hope you have enjoyed this moment. Do any of these images inspire you? Remind you of something, a feeling or a memory? What do your kids say about these photos? Save their thoughts. Here is what […]

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