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What does my Kitty need?

Do you get my MaryGunnFunn E-FUNN News? Did you read my 2-7-10 edition? Do you remember what Sassy my Kitty needs? Do you have an idea, an answer, help? Please post your answers and suggestions! Sassy needs this badly! I have added 2 cute ideas from some emails I got – thanks to Pam and […]

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My Friend Swoop

This is Swoop (not the gray haired lady, the owl). Swoop is 2 years old and is a very handsome dude. Holding him and having my photo taken was my reward for “bird sitting” Yvonne Patterson’s birds during a vendor show. Such an honor was a lot better than bird seed. Yvonne does wonderful shows […]

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Nothing Special

Just wanted to say that I hope you have a wonderful day with some stamping and scrapping and maybe a little blogging. I hope you pet a nice dog, that a baby smiles at you, that the aches & pains of yesterday aren’t yours today. God bless and I’m pulling for you.

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Cure for Cabin Fevahhhh

Doug’s Indoors S’mores 4 panel graham cracker broken in half Roast a marshmallow over the open flame of a gas stove or candle (don’t drip on the stove or Mary will be grumpy) Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce Put the toasted marshmallow on one graham cracker square Squirt on a little chocolate sauce Top with the other […]

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FUNN-iversary! You have to be there!

I am planning the most FUNN anniversary ever! It is MY 10th anniversary with Close To My Heart so it has to be a FUNN-iversary Celebration! I hope you will join me as we create, mini cropp, eat, give demos, enjoy strolling down memory lane and I think the FUNN-ettes may even be there! Saturday, […]

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Winter decided to show up on time this year! This is a shot from our deck to the little woods and lake. I’m looking forward to scrapping our snow pix. This pic just makes me so thankful to be indoors, cozy and warm! While the following quote does not apply to me, my Mom had […]

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Talk about your cozy inviting rooms! Pottery Barn may want to feature this room in their next cattie! Yes, there is a real Welcome Home feel to it. Don’t you think? I love the brick above the fireplace – looks like something I saw in November’s Month. The mantel is lovely, too. A real Cocoa […]

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Thanks for having us in, Sticky Boy. I love your comfy Tulip colored couch! Where in the world did you get those cool Juniper Grosgrain Ribbon pillows, too. They are Creative, Basically speaking. Did they come in a kit? I love how you have so many products that go together, Sticky! Who is that on […]

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