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gone fishin….

I think the fish would have been biting if we’d offered them a warm drink instead of a grub. It was great FUNN anyway. These are 2 of my darlin’ kids and my sweet Professor Buckley. Welcome Spring!

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Purr Things FIrst

Yes, here she is – the queen of the scrapbook TABLE! What I like is “the look” on her face – such presumption, such purr-fect presumption. Well, first things or purr things first and then comes the scrapbooking. Here comes the scritching fingers, Sassafras!

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Remember Christmas?

Christmas had some snow delays and things got a little “off schedule” at our house and the sugar cookies never were baked. I had made the dough, but never got ’em baked, never the less decorated – guess that goes without saying. I think I have made sugar cookies for at least 29 years in […]

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What does my Kitty need?

Do you get my MaryGunnFunn E-FUNN News? Did you read my 2-7-10 edition? Do you remember what Sassy my Kitty needs? Do you have an idea, an answer, help? Please post your answers and suggestions! Sassy needs this badly! I have added 2 cute ideas from some emails I got – thanks to Pam and […]

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Sassy’s Bunker

So in the old house, Miss Sassy had 1/2 of the house to herself – so to speak. She and Prof. Buckley (our beloved dawg) lived in a house divided. Her domain included all the bedrooms and the upstairs. His was the family areas and the basement. It wasn’t quite fair (and my children should […]

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Getting Closer….and a BIG surprise!

Well, we had Thanksgiving at the lake and it was such FUNN! I was quite relieved when I found out the oven did work – one never knows until one tests! It worked great, too. YEAH! Hope you had a grand time celebrating and giving thanks with your kit and kin. I got to see […]

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Lake Living Update….

I want to thank my treasured clients who have been encouraging me and wishing me well during my big move this fall! I love you all! Here is an update on my life…. First, I have been so blessed by God’s moving in this move! Glory to God! He really is all He says He […]

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