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How-to Draw “A” Gnome – Easy and Kid Friendly & More FUNN

Do you <3 gnomes, but don’t have a stamp? No problemo, girl. Here is an easy how-to make “A” gnome video for you! Taking the Challenge Challenge #1: The Paper Players “Into the Woods” Challenge looked like a fit. This is my first time trying this challenge. Since it is a well known fact that […]

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Is Scrapbooking Corny Sentimentalism or Not?

There is a myth about scrapbooking. It is that it is corny sentimentalism. I don’t think so. Here are some things scrapbooking is and isn’t. What scrapbooking is not: Scrapbooking is not always fancy pages; it can be a photo, drawing, or story in a notebook or sketchpad of a story you want to remember.Scrapbooking […]

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Fall Mini Album FUNN

Craft Season is Now OPEN!

It’s the beginning of FOOTBALL Season! Are we excited for football? NOT, but, shhhh, I don’t care too much, aren’t my doggers cute? SCROLL DOWN FOR WHAT SEASON EXCITES ME! It is the official beginning of CRAFTING SEASON! Yes! Today is the official beginning of my favorite season – CRAFTING Season!You are already nodding in […]

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My House & Heart are Full of Memories

Something BIG happened in July – I moved from the lake to the city!I know most people would want to do the opposite, but not me! We decided to be closer to the family, and have had several “stop-bys” the kids which never happened in the country. So, I’m discovering “lost” treasures, and realizing just how much […]

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Cards for the Troops brought to you by FUNN University

I know this has been a busy weekend for so many, but how much would you like to spend LESS than hour and make 7 cards for the troops? It is easy, the cards are cute, and scroll down and you’ll find a video tutorial! Making 14 cards for the troops in 2 hours.Brought to […]

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FUNNday MUNNday – an important layout for every empty-nester every year

Do you ever dread MUNNday because you have to be away from you MESK!*?Does it make you glum, chum, to not craft?That sounds very familiar to me, who else? Hello FUNN friends!MUNNday is the day I come to cheer you up with some cute FUNN!Today, I’m going to share about scrapbooking adult children with one layout […]

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Welcome to December FUNN!

Wow – did we get of to a FUNN start of December when marygunnFUNN’s little known twinn sister visited the MESK! Want to see if you are on Santa’s NICE list and some of Santa’s favorite CTMH items? Watch this! LIVE from my MESK! Let's Talk Presents!Good morning!LIVE from my MESK! proudly welcomes my guest […]

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12 Ways to Have a Thanksgiving for the Scrapbook

Good morning, FUNN friends!Popping in before I pop the turkey in to give you 12 ideas to try today so when tomorrow comes, you’ll be ready to scrapbook this special day. 12 Ways to Have a Thanksgiving for the  scrapbook: Have guests write their top 3 blessings for which they are thankful2. Thanksgiving memories, especially […]

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