Episode #40

December 11, 2020


  • Pick-a-Sketch


  • Orange plus 2 colors


  • Present(s) or package(s)


  • something from my MESK!

About The Episode

Episode archive posted on December 14, 2020

Numbers that end with a zero always seem like they are more significant than some other numbers. Our episode #40 proved this line of thought. As we broke the “100” mark of viewers during a live, crossed over to 1,000 Facebook followers, and crafted with an energy force named Christine! After 40 episodes, and almost 1/2 of them with Guest Crafters, I gotta say, Craft Roulette is just a ton of FUNN, and no two crafters are alike. We really appreciate the support, the sharing, the submissions, the creativity, and the friendships that silly old wheel is creating. Thank you.

Christine Bertram, ok, can someone bottle that energy? We just crafted and giggled all evening, and it was so FUNN. Her story includes not liking art classes to adding 1,700 sq. ft. (her “hive”) to her house to teach craft classes! I think Chris is a perfect example of how being exposed to and learning about stamping can bring so much FUNN to a life. As I like to say, “Stamping makes artists of us all.” What was it that gave Chris the stamping bug? Heat embossing, again. There is quite a line of us whose lives have been changed by this “gateway drug” of heat embossing. You won’t want to miss this bubble of energy in the video above and look forward to seeing Chris in 2021 at the wheel again. Thank you, Chris! You are FUNN.


Had a great idea from our FUNN friend Mary Nabers a couple weeks back to add sketches to the wheel, and we did! The first parameter was “Pick-a-Sketch”, and Christine chose an A2 size card sketch. From the number of submissions we received, this is a great idea. Thank you, fellow hockey mom/granny Mary, for your great idea, and your long time support of the wheel and mary gunn FUNN. mwah. Be sure to watch Chris’ face when we got the color of orange + 2 colors! Let’s just say, she wanted purple. We talked about how during this Christmas season, “presents” did not match our brain waves with orange, but the submissions say you figured it out. “Something from your MESK!” (MESK! is my word for a messy-desk) yielded some fabulous results!













You know what comes with a record number of viewer and followers? A record number of submissions! Thirty-three! WoW! You are in for a treat, too, because they are all fabulous. Keep your eyes peeled for how the presents are added, pops or full on orange elements, and just what people find on their MESKS! Yes, it is a FUNN week of submissions for certain! If you are inspired to try an idea, be sure to post in our Craft Roulette FB group and add a note about what inspired you (Episode #, crafter, parameter sort of thing). Thank you so much for your wonderful cards, contributors! It is so great to have you help us spread the joy of Craft Roulette and cardmaking. Have FUNN!

You are invited to join the Craft Roulette Facebook group. We’ll feature many of these cute cards in the group this week, so you can encourage the contributor, share with your friends, and be inspired. Be sure to join us, but to be approved all the questions must be answered and you must agree to the rules. Thank you!

During this episode, you’ll learn….

  • why Christine likes making cards instead of scrapbooking
  • if Chris thinks she is artistic
  • which craft product Chris likes the scent of (hahaha)
  • what does “mystery card” mean
  • are craft products male or female?
  • what is Stella CPR?
  • and much more, enjoy the show!


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Special Christmas Craft Roulette Show

We have a very special guest coming to the show on Friday, December 25th, 6:30 p.m. Central. “Mrs. Merry Claus”, mary gunn FUNN’s “twin sister” , will be joining us to read a special children’s Christmas book. “Santa’s Long Pants”. The book was written by my mother-in-law in the 1960’s, then illustrated by me in the late 1970’s. This show will be geared for the entire family’s enjoyment. We hope you’ll join us.

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Creativity doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It is inspired by what we see, smell, feel, and pause long enough to experience. There is such unmatchable joy in creating. It is my wish for you this Christmas to know that joy.

We appreciate you all so much. Tis the season to rejoice in Savior’s birth, the love He shared, and the love we enjoy. Thank you.


About This Week's Guest

Christine Bertram

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Visit Christine's blog Visit Christine's Facebook View Guest Bio

Guest Bio

To LOVE what we do & SHARE what we love as we help others ENJOY creativity & worthwhile accomplishments…In this we make a difference.

This is Stampin’ Up!’s Statement of the Heart. It never resonated in me so much until I went to my first convention in 2014. It was then that I realized how much I love stamping. It allows me to feel creative and I can accomplish projects while brightening others’ days. It is a past time that gets my mind off the stresses of the day and is a great hobby to do with my friends.

It took another year and attending another convention before I realized that I could share this fabulous hobby with others. I started holding classes in my living room so my friends and I could get together more regularly. This blossomed into offering classes to anyone that wanted a creative escape. I love sharing creativity and positive energy with everyone.  I want to make a positive difference in the lives of people who cross my path.

I’m here to teach you about our fantastic stamping products, be your creative coach, give you fun project ideas and share special offers with you. Send me an e-mail or give me a call; I look forward to helping you be creative.

Happy Stamping!

Christine 🙂

Mary Gunn FUNN

Christine Bertram


Guest Contributors

Vicky Logan
Tim Holtz Snarky Cats, distressed corrugated cardboard, molding paste, craft paint and puffy paint used around the Santa hat.
Vicky Logan
MESK! - pearls, and Stella
Melanie Chandler
Lynda Bendik
Red inkpad and gold foil left on my mesk from christmas card making. Orange incorporated in the stripes.
Jackie Muller
This was a fun (funn) one! My random item were the Bitty Sparkles that are almost always on my desk.
Sue Bruch
This was a fun (funn) one! My random item were the Bitty Sparkles that are almost always on my desk.
Patty Beck
Tangerine, Juniper and, Blossom. The white paper I stamped on was on my desk as were the stamps I used.
Linda Norman
Deb Norman
I've been breaking into my pattern paper packs more since I've been doing these chllngs! Mesk Item is the blk layer paper. Purse is a sticker.
TR's Place
Heather Huang
Heather Huang
Followed the sketch, orange plus green and blue, A big birthday present and some dark pearls I had on my mesk!
Hildenell Vilchez
Had twine, stamp on my ‘mesk’ and teal,red to pair w/orange. Fun!
Susan Murphy
We were talking about December birthdays, and I thought Santa should send shimmery Happy Birthday Wishes! Black bursts were on my mesk :)
Ava Bellon
Card base and bottom strip was laying in my pile. Present, Orange + blue and green, A2 and sketch.
Kathy Hering
Random item from my "mesk" is the row of glitter stones on the left side
Alessa Lemoine
This cute, adorable dog was on my Mesk and it already had a gift and orangish background...win. Plus one more Christmas card made.
Jacque Rippe
When the parameters came up I immediately thought of these little guys. Prayed I had some paper left. Yippee. Dimensional is mesk item
Judy G.
Another FUNN challenge! The item(s) that were on my “mesk” are the raspberry stitched squares from a prior project.
Mary Naber
Another FUNN challenge! The item(s) that were on my “mesk” are the raspberry stitched squares from a prior project.
Mary Naber
Another FUNN challenge! The item(s) that were on my “mesk” are the raspberry stitched squares from a prior project.
Mary Naber
randon from mesk is the silver paper and the blacknpaper used on the trees.
Lena Marie
Believe it or not, I found the gift die on my mesk; it came free with a order for some stamps! Orange, yellow and green featured.
Ellen Card Monkey Jarvis
Colors: Orange, seafoam green, brown. Gift behind the hummingbird. Found on my mesk: fussy cutting scissors.
Ellen Card Monkey Jarvis
Can you see the staples in my bow? I found my mini-stapler on my Mesk!
Ellen Card Monkey Jarvis
I used Orange, Teal and green. The elf is from a Holiday set from CTMH, but I changed to a Birthday celebration with gifts.
Angela Steinhoff
Had to submit with a gnome. I used Green, blue and orange. The white banner is white glitter paper with an orange background.
Angela Steinhoff
I colored a floral hearts and the colors orange, green and blue. The floral heart was on my craft table.
Angela Steinhoff.
As I had the image of father Christmas I adapted the sketch to it. I also put some orange blinks. Hope you like it.
Cris Pazmino
Tons of birthday stamps with cupcakes. Lol! Had to make my present.
Sue Masoner
2nd submitioin. Started playing with an old SSS kit from last June. I love the bees. This one actually has a real package on it.
TR's Place.
I used the doily as the random item on my mesk! And had fun doing this!
Alana Sedano
Angela Steinhoff
Really wanted to use red, but stuck with orange. Flipped the sketch (snow & doghouse). From the MESK=old bottle of Liquid Applique that surprisingly still works. :-)
Amy Ulen
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Alessa L
Alessa L
1 month ago

Oh my, oh my! It’s a homerun with those submissions. Great job from all! Waow! Waow! Waow! It’s a real FUNN family.

Ellen Jarvis
Ellen Jarvis
1 month ago

What a FABULOUS collection of submissions for this week!! I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of the color ORANGE, but these cards have changed my mind. The Craft Roulette Family has truly stepped up to the challenges, and has made it even more FUNN for those of us playing along.

Patty Beck
Patty Beck
1 month ago

These cards are fantastic! Love the variety!

Alessa L: love how you say/spell Waow!

Alessa L
Alessa L
Reply to  Patty Beck
1 month ago

Yes Patty, it’s the French spelling

Patty Beck
Patty Beck
Reply to  Alessa L
1 month ago

LOL I thought you must be a cat lover!

Alana Sedano
Alana Sedano
1 month ago

Wow!! I really like seeing all the different options for the same four parameters!! The cards here are all gorgeous!

1 month ago

Everyone’s cards are awesome!
Great job! And welcome to the Funn family everyone who are first contributors!!!

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