Episode 15

June 22, 2020


  • Window card


  • Bright colors


  • Gnome


  • Three circles

About The Episode

After 15 Craft Roulette episodes, I can confidently say, each week is different! Wow! they are all ever so different!

Never have I ever thought of this combination for a card series, but how fantastically FUNN it turned out to be.

I started a “gnome” thing last fall when I saw gnomes everywhere in paper crafting. During the time I was a Close To My Heart consultant. CTMH did not have a gnome stamp or set, so I took things into my own hands. Well, really, just my right hand, because I can’t draw a hoot with my left hand.  You can see those videos on my YouTube Channel.
How to Draw a Simple Gnome
How to Draw a Simple Gnome, Part 2
Candy Land Gnomes
Gnome Christmas Ornament
Tiny Gnome Ornament
Super cute 3″ x 6″ Gnome Cards
There are some St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes, too, but I can’t find them.

And now, the bright gnomes of Craft Roulette! All hand drawn (try it, it’s FUNN), which works because they can be sized to fit the project.
Like a bag of potato chips, I couldn’t leave the first card alone after the show. Now it looks like it should be part of a children’s story. The little leaves in the bushes were inspired by Craft Roulette Episode 13 project from Patty Beck. Thanks, Patty, for the idea!

My follow up three cards for this blog were fab FUNN to make. I used water color pencils to color, various white card stock, stitched rectangle die from Close To My Heart, and a 1.0 Micron pen.
1. Stack-o-gnomes
2. Michigan gnome family portrait (thanks, Judy, for the Michigan info during the show)
3. What time is it? 2 toadstools passed (is that the right passed?) a gnome
I bet these 3 card end up on a Shout Out Wednesday, how about you?

Welcome to the CAS(E) this Sketch tribe! Be sure to click and see lots of really cute projects on their blog!

COMING SOON!!!! Some of your favorite Shout Out Wednesday cards will be coming to my online SHOP in July for purchase!

Thank you for all the cute, clever cards this week! I look forward to sharing them on Craft Roulette Episode 16 this next Friday at 6:30 p.m. Central on my mary gunn FUNN Facebook page. We’ll see what crazy combo the wheel with deal us! Hope to see you & your friends there! Have a FUNN week.


My Projects


Guest Submissions

Anna Miller outside - Alberta, Canada
6th Week in a Row!
Anna Miller inside - Alberta, Canada(6th Week in a Row!)
4th week in a row!
Arielle Stephenson - Missouri(4th week in a row!)
Christy Dillman outside - Missouri(outside)
3rd week in a row!
Christy Dillman inside - (3rd week in a row!)
7th week in a row!
Sue Masoner outside - Missouri(7th week in a row!)
Sue Masoner inside -
1st submission!
Jacque Rippe - Florida(1st submission!)
Jacque Rippe, inside -
Judy Graczyk - Michigan
11th week in a row!!
Patty Beck - Tennessee(11th week in a row!!)
1st submission!
Sherri Bradley - Kentucky(1st submission!)
Card 2
Sherri Bradley - Kentucky(Card 2)
2nd submission!
Rose Radziwon-Dubberstein - Arizona(2nd submission!)
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Patricia Beck
Patricia Beck
22 days ago

All these gnome cards are so cute and funn! Love ’em!

Mary Gunn
Mary Gunn
Reply to  Patricia Beck
22 days ago

Aren’t they though? Yours is one of them, too!

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