Craft Roulette – my New FB Craft Game Show

March 15, 2020

Craft Roulette – my New FB Craft Game Show

I grew up watching game shows like Password, Let’s Make Deal, and Wheel of Fortune, and I still feel the love. As a matter of fact, I love game shows so much, we decided to blend crafting and game shows together!

Now in development for weeks, announcing …


What is Craft Roulette?
A LIVE process video with random parameters dictated by the spin of the wheel. There are four categories each with 24 choices. The four categories are Project, Colors, Elements, and Random. That means I really have no idea what I’m going to get just for starters!

When and Where can I find Craft Roulette?
Live on my marygunnFUNN FB page on Friday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Central time.
On my marygunnFUNN YouTube channel after the live.
Right here on my blog on Monday mornings.

Can I watch Craft Roulette without being on FaceBook?
Sure. We will upload the video to YouTube after the show is over, and here on my blog Monday mornings.

This is our test run Craft Roulette video.
Project = mini drop down album
Colors = coral and cool colors
Element = shading
Random = use 3 circles
It really turned out pretty cute for being all spontaneous and just over an hour, except my cutting and folding was less than well-engineered! Sigh.
It’s just a game.

I had so much FUNN with this project (once I got over being wiggy about it), I played 3 times on Saturday with Stash Busting challenges, to boot! This is what was made.

Project 1

Project: #6 – 2 random cards
Colors: #12 – fall colors
Elements: #12 – insects
Random: #20 – use a toothpick


Project 2

Project: #13 – crown
Colors: #1 – bright
Elements: #16 – strips of paper
Random: #12 – splatters


Project 3

Project: #6 – basket
Colors: #17 – coral and cool colors
Elements: #21 – 3D
Random: #21 – hole punch


What else is going on?
I have been posting a lot on IG and FB, it is all for you to enjoy!
It is so weird not being a consultant, but I like it! It is great to think of teaching and not selling. Looks like it was the right choice.

FUNN University this week:
Monday – Study Hall
Tuesday – Vintage with a Twist Scrapbook Lab #3
SHOUT OUT Wednesday on FB – you have to choose one of three projects to SHOUT OUT for!
Thursday – Floral Shading Cards+ Lab #3
Friday – Craft Roulette FB LIVE – join us! This is going to be a FUNN way to jump start your weekend.



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