#UseItThursday – no school = crafting FUNN time!

January 11, 2018

#UseItThursday – no school = crafting FUNN time!

School is closed today because of wintery weather – so first off, stay alert out there, FUNN friends!
ABSOLUTELY no texting while driving today – we all want to be in good shape for more crafting!

It is #UseItThursday!
The day when we grab from our stashes and make some new mashes (mashes from stashes, there may be a future with this idea).

How many “vintage” products can you spy?

Not too many vintage stash products here, but still pretty!
Loving the poppy stamps in the new Seasonal Expressions!
“A little new,
A little old,

Makes something pretty, 
So I am told.”



ore coming today on! More details coming to the VIPP FUNN members, too! Lots of inside tipps for you!

Be safe. Much prayer over you.



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