FUNN friends

I’ve been getting some Christmas cards ready today for FUNN friends!
This not only “puts me in the Spirit”, it makes me thankful for each and everyone of you.

There are many of you who visit every week and I want to thank you.
It is a blast to share what I love with you. I hope to meet many of you someday.
How FUNN would that be!

But for now, may I just say, knowing you are out there adds “COLOR” to my life.

marygunnFUNN.comThis stamp set is no longer available, but it puts me squarely in a Star’s Hollow Christmas world.
A world full of pretty streets, quaint buildings, clean snow (which I can smell), and smiling faces.
A world where we always have time to craft, drink tea together, and never smudge a card!

Get ready, I’m in full Christmas mode!

Please visit tomorrow for my first December CTMH Stamp of the Month post.
WEEEDOGGIES, it is soooo purty!

’til then,


PS. if you like Star’s Hollow, you might enjoy this post.

Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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