Swan Lake Pajama FUNN Party * 5th Layout!

October 29, 2016

Swan Lake Pajama FUNN Party * 5th Layout!


Many of you have already ordered your
Swan Lake Pajama FUNN Party supplies and
you will be “thankful” to know there is now a 5th layout!


Will you join us on November 1st for 24 days of Thankfulness?
Inspired by the Napkin Notes fb post, I’m glad for this stranger’s help to leave a legacy of thanksgiving.

I have more tricks and FUNN ideas to share with PJ FUNN Partiers
to make this layout easy, FUNN , and meaningful!


For a touching story, video, and inspiration of this layout, go to Napkin Notes Click here for a PDF of daily ideas from Napkin Notes here 21-days-of-thankfulness


Join the
Swan Lake Pajama FUNN Party!
and join us as we share 24 days of thankfulness!

For ordering details, go to FUNN.closetomyheart.com.

Life changes,
but thankfulness stays the same,
a way to return us to a loving and joy filled heart.

Have a FUNN day!


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