One of My BEST Decisions

October 11, 2016

One of My BEST Decisions

January 2000

I joined Close To My Heart and the FUNN started!
I have met some of the nicest, dearest people ever.
Have had the privilege of learning about their families, their lives, and craft with them!
It really is an unbelievable privilege to be on this journey with them.

I was a wee (read a lot) nervous when I started, but being a Close To My Heart Consultant has meant so much to my family and me. The nervous part, it isn’t there anymore. I just want to help others with their Close To My Heart projects and businesses. What FUNN!

I started because I wanted the discount (still enjoy that perk and free product, too)!
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get tired of the products, naw – can’t happen!

So do you have a little dream of being a CTMH Consultant?
Do you have a little dream of saving and making money?
Do you love to share sharing? Paper crafts? Stamping? Scrapbooking?

Try it.

Nothing horrible will happen.

And maybe something great might happen! Who wouldn’t like a little more great in their life?

email at marygunnFUNN@gmail.com with questions

or just jump in on FUNN.closetomyheart.com

Are You Ready to Earn Real Rewards?

Be sure to read about the current special for new Consultants, too!

October is almost 1/2 over, so the special is almost 1/2 way over, too.

Let’s do this! Let’s have some FUNN!



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