Camper FUNN Card Kitts for Those Who Love CUTE Cards!

June 7, 2015

Camper FUNN Card Kitts for Those Who Love CUTE Cards!

These Camper FUNN Card Kitts are SO MUCH FUNN!
You will want to create an entire RV park of them!

I have created these cards for those of us who love cute FUNN.
It is my hope they will make you and yours smile.

Each card can stand on its own!

Or use the card for a card front only and make a mini album!

While the album pieces are not included, ideas and FUNN Tipps are.

Each unique Camper FUNN Card Kitt contains:

Complete Camper FUNN Card STARTER KITT (8.99) includes
  • Enough supplies for 2 complete cards (one for you and one for someone special)
  • Hand-drawn sheet of Sentiments – choose which one you love most!
  • Embellishments (various sparkles for hubcap and door knob)
  • EASY step-by-step instructions with photos
  • Piece identification guide per request
  • Placement guide
  • How-to FUNN Tipps for a mini scrapbook
  • Suggestions for further embellishments – so many ways to personalize!
  • Envelope size & mailing tipps
CAMPER FUNN CARD SUPPLIES available for only 4.99 more*

You will need:
Sharp Scissors and your favorite adhesives
I used my ATG, Bonding Memories Glue, and Bonding Memories Glue Pen

Delivery of the goods:
Pieces mailed in a cellophane bag (in the USA)
How-to instructions emailed pdf files
So please include your snail and email addresses!
With a Camper FUNN Card Kitt purchase, you will be able to use your own scraps
to make an entire RV park full of FUNN GlamperCamper Cards!
 a few folks who would love getting these darling cards . . .
  • Camper enthusiasts 
  • Any occasion cards for “Lake” people – remember there are 8 hand-drawn sentiments included
  • Any occasion for people who love the vintage look
  • As invites to crop weekends at a retreat
  • People who like campers more than camping – that’s me!
  • Thank you for hosting the a fore mentioned retreat or for staying in a vacation home
  • Girl Scout / Boy Scout leaders
  • As invites to a camping get away (even if it is at the Marriott)
  • For moving announcements
  • Taking the road less traveled types
  • Retiring folks
  • Use instead of postcards – mail notes to yourself while on vacation – instant scrapbook
  • Vintage Trailer lovers
  • Happy cards lovers
  • Anytime you need a FUNN unique and OMG kind of card
Camper FUNN Card Kitts will be mailed to you within two weeks (probably sooner).
Tutorials will be emailed to you two weeks (probably sooner).
Available only in the U.S.A.
Kits vary in paper patterns and embellishments. Sorry no special requests at this time.
I will try to include at least enough supplies for one card with your favorite colors.
Please share this with friends who love having FUNN and making the world cuter!

YOU COULD WINN THIS “Airstream” Camper Card!
Purchasing a Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt and being on my FUNN mail list
qualifies you for a drawing to WINN this AIRSTREAM CAMPER CARD!
Drawing will be made on July 1st.
All this card needs is some home made curtains.
Keep watching this website for more Camper FUNN Card Samples – 
because I just can’t quit making them!

Get Your Camper Card FUNN Started!
Complete Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt $8.99 USD
Additional Camper FUNN Card Supplies (2 more cards) $4.99 USD
Tell Me Your Favorite Colors

Reds / Pinks
Blues / Purples
Greens / Yellows
Mary Gunn FUNN’s Choice

shipping and handling included because otherwise it isn’t as FUNN!

The additional kitt is NOT available without purchase of the Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt!
Once you have purchased the Camper FUNN Card Starter Kitt, you are welcome to order more supplies! Thank you.

© MaryGunnFUNN All designs and original text are copyright of MaryGunnFUNN. MaryGunnFUNN images may be shared through social media if they link back to this blog. 

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  1. Haley D.
    June 15, 2015 at 7:52 pm #

    These are the cutest things I've ever seen! I love them so much!!!

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