Beatles, Scrapbooks, and FUNN thinking

Did you grow up with the Beatles?
Here is a test….
Sing Julia (for you youngsters, this was a very popular song not so long ago).

How many of the lyrics did you remember?
It’s OK if they didn’t flow, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it.
Now, play the link and try again….
What’s the Point?
Scrapbooks work like listening to the lyrics of a Beatles song.
They help you remember!
The photos, the journaling, the titles, the memorabilia, it all jogs your memory.
Help yourself remember.
and now a FUNN thought…
been playing with a new blog feature.

Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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