September’s Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party!

August 17, 2014

September’s Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party!

3 Cute Layouts 
Perfect for all of us because we are all still learning!
At least, I hope we are all still learning!

8- 3″x3″ FUNN Tucker cards
Perfect for the lunch boxes and back packs of your students of all ages!
and a FUNN Idea! Takes barely anything to fill this
Pottery Barn-would-be-envious-of-this-Hinges Display Tray
September’s Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party offer is available now until September 15th.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED FOR THE 2014-2015  Pajama FUNN Party SEASON’S projects:
You will also enjoy having:
(if you are getting your kit mailed, I will not be able to punch your B&T as in a live class, but it is cute!)
Get to the $50 mark and get this cute Stamp of the Month set for $5 through the end of August.
Getting close to a $150 order?
Be sure to contact a friend and make an online party of it!
LMK so you can qualify for an extra $25 free – yeah – it is that easy.
So, we are off on our 4th year of 
Pajama FUNN Party success!
You are invited to join the FUNN!
Please let me know how I can help.
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