To Shoot or Not To Shoot – there is no question

August 16, 2014

To Shoot or Not To Shoot – there is no question

Summertime and the Saturday Farmers’ Market is teeming with bounty!
Judy gave me a bunch of pumpkins to cook! She is so sweet. Thank you!
So , even though we often run up to grab a few fresh veggies, see neighbors, and friends, it would be
easy to not  snap a shot or two.
I’m glad I did shoot, though! 
The warm moist summer air, the sounds of birds, the presence of people enjoying Saturday morning Farmers’ Market now won’t be a forgotten memory in January.
So to shoot or not to shoot?
There is NO question – SHOOT!
How close do you have your phone camera at all times?
I hope you use it often!
Extra FUNN to shoot a few more at home with Professor Buckley.
I just want to drink in these colors – like Vitameatavegamin.
Looking forward to pumpkin pie from these beauties and November Pathfinding Pajama Party layouts.
Should be able to use these photos (summery) and pie photos (fall-ish) all at once.
To shoot or not to shoot? 
There is no question.
Do some clicking this weekend and have FUNN!

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