Throw Back Thursday and Mojo Monday

July 10, 2014

Throw Back Thursday and Mojo Monday

Before there were blogs.
Before there was Mojo Monday Blog Challenges.
Before there were Acrylix.
Before there was a million embellishments.
Before “What’s Up?” was Sticky Boy.
Before there were Super Glue Guys.
There was wood, rubber, ink, cardstock, 

Welcome to Throw Back Thursday – Mary Gunn FUNN style!
Today’s TBT features the stamp set which came to me as a new 
Close To My Heart consultant in January 2000.
Look at that Organdy Ribbon – that is vintage original stuff there, ladies!
The stamp set was wood and rubber. It was already assembled.
It was heaven.
Time travel back to today because I am entering this into the Mojo Monday 353 Challenge Blog!
Albeit, my image is pretty much a mirror image switcheroo.
Love the design, by the way.
and now back to TBT

THIS STAMP was used on nearly every card I made!
It looks like it, too!
If you have small children, stampers, show them this stamp and how stamps used to look before My Acrylix!
Yes, they will ask questions like, “How did you see where you were stamping?” but it is important for them to understand history.

This is the stamp I wanted to use on the strawberry card, but apparently do not have any longer.
The old “The first ‘i’ doesn’t have a dot Thinking of You stamp”.
Yes, it is shown here on an ancient post-it note holder we all made at “parties”.

SO here is the set – Fruit of the Vine.
It isn’t available any longer.
Do you like how I planned ahead and have the logo upside down?
Perfection is so over rated.
Now for a FUNN quiz…
1. Can you name the fruit on the 4th stamp of the set which is cleverly covered by a question mark?
2. Can you name the 4 Close To My Heart colors I used on the cards?
White Daisy and Colonial White don’t count
3. Can you name the stamp shown with all the little specks on it?
and speaking of new Close To My Heart Consultant KitS…
Card Maker’s Kit
$99 – worth bundles more

Scrapbooker’s Kit
?’s, LMK, I’d be happy to help.
Tomorrow evening there should be a FUNN-ercise Friday Warm Up video.
Do come by and see! 

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3 Responses to Throw Back Thursday and Mojo Monday

  1. Becca Whitham
    July 11, 2014 at 4:02 am #

    Not only can I name it all, I still HAVE it all…even the "Thinking of You" stamp (which never had the dot over the first "i" because mine is missing it, too, though I never noticed until now). I even have the sheer ribbon in colors like Plum Mist, Vineyard Berry, Aspen Green and Cherub Pink (which is still my all-time favorite).

    Fruit: Raspberry/Blackberry
    Colors: Smokey Plum, New England Ivy (or maybe Aspen Green), Desert Sand, and Holiday Red (or Cranberry)
    Stamp: Stoneware Texture

    What a great trip down memory lane! Now I'm going to have to pull them out and see what FUNN I can have with them.

  2. Mary Gunn FUNN
    July 11, 2014 at 11:22 am #

    WOW! Becca! Impressive knowledge of CTMH history!
    Thanks for playing along!
    Email me your address and I'll shoot these samples to you.


  3. Mary Gunn FUNN
    July 11, 2014 at 11:23 am #

    Feel free to leave more comments and I'll draw for another winner.
    Can't have too much FUNN!

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