Jubilee Pajama FUNN Party Sneak Peek & a philosophic question

June 7, 2014

Jubilee Pajama FUNN Party Sneak Peek & a philosophic question

Guess what? I have the July Jubilee Pajama Party done and I want to give you a tease peek.
And here is a philosophic question. Does life reflect art or does art reflect life?
Well, some of us used to have piles and hard drives full of photos, now some of us have piles and hard drives of photos, and piles of unused layouts!
Wow! Such a dilemma! 
Suffice it to say, the simple answer to the philosophic question previously postulated is, “Yes!”
The door swings both ways. Life reflects art, and in the Jubilee case, I hope art will reflect and direct your life!
What’s that, Miss Mary Gunn FUNN? You want art to reflect and direct my life? 
Yes! There is that simple answer again.
Here’s the deal… summer is something, I wait for summer, do you? Gardening, baseball, vacation, watermelon, warm sunshine, pools, 4th of July, county fairs, you name it, summer is FUNN!

So start living your life, snapping those shots, and making your memories for the upcoming Jubilee Pajama FUNN Party – let art reflect and direct you to enjoy some lemonade, a watermelon spitting contest, a picnic, sitting on the front steps with neighbors, going to a petting zoo, picking blueberries, getting wrapped up at a little league game, watching the stars, planting some veggies and eating them, listen to birds, there is SO MUCH to enjoy. So enjoy!
Then on June 15th, order your supplies to create 3 positively adorable layouts and 3 cards to share with me – the FUNN way – for no additional cost.
Better yet, grab some friends and make a party of it, because summer will wait for no one and neither will time with friends.
PS let me know if you want to host this a Scrapbook Gathering with this PJ FUNN Party – get 5 minimum PJ FUNN Party orders and get yourself $25 in free merch. Now that is as sweet as a vine ripened watermelon.

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