My Mom Loves Kitties and Me

May 11, 2014

My Mom Loves Kitties and Me

Yes, this was made with a Close To My Heart Pennant Frame.

Values I learned from my Mommy Lois McBeth
 hands are for holding
 home is the best place on earth
 if you feed them, they will come
 ask, ask, ask, and then ask some more
 hold fast
 if you forget a joke, just say, “some dumb thing”
 it is ok to end every joke by saying, “some dumb thing”
 correct grammar is important
 someday I will be glad I learned to type and balance my checkbook
 watch the weather
 Trust God!
 Believe in Jesus
 it is ok to have a sandwich at lunch, an ice cream sandwich especially
 family is always welcome
 family is always forgiven
 give with love
 keep life low maintenance
 the best time for hugs is all the times
 we agree my kids are our favorites

LOVE YOU, Mama!!!!

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