The Super Glue Guys Salute Studio J


There once was a cropper in deep despair
She found she couldn’t scrap anywhere!
She couldn’t scrap when her kids were around
They kept her too busy for time to be found.
She couldn’t scrap when her hubs was at home
He wanted her  attention; not to go off on her own.
She couldn’t scrap at practice for sports
The papers would blow away and end on the courts.
She couldn’t scrap here. She couldn’t scrap there
She couldn’t scrapbook her memories anywhere!
The Super Glue Guys came with an answer so true.
They flew right away to help her get through.
Into her thoughts they answered her trials
Studio J is the perfect way to get through those piles.
With Studio J she could scrap here and there
She could crop all her pictures any old where!
She could scrapbook during the moments while her kids took a nap.
Because making some layouts is easy, it’s a snap!
She did not need to get out paper and glue
She could crop anytime, even while she cooked stew.
She could scrapbook at the end of the day
It is free for all, only with orders did she pay
She could scrapbook with pictures new and/or old
With Studio J – she was totally sold!
She could scan documents and photos to add
Hey, this computer stuff, it isn’t so bad!
With her fingers flying fast with tips and with taps
Add a photo? No problem, she could add a Flip Flap!
Change the size of sticker or make red paper blue!
How much FUNN is this program and so easy, too!
Add embellishments, buttons, and pretty bows,
She wanted to tell everyone that she knows!
It is for everyone, from ‘tween to retired,
Kits and designs which will leave you inspired.
Vacation memories can be scrapped right on site, never fear
No forgotten moments of that special time of the year.
She can order extra copies of a lay out
Everyone enjoys them and no one will pout.
A free J-peg is included with layouts she’d get,
She shared them on facebook, email with no regret.
Why she was so happy, she could just cry
So see why you must try this, all boys and girls,
Because it is simple, FUNN, fast – just give it a whirl!
Now hop on over to
Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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