Timberline Pajama FUNN Party

March 16, 2014

Timberline Pajama FUNN Party

Every month I give away a FREE cutting diagram and helpful tips
to make 3 cute layouts and cards
just for an order.
If you have some outdoorsy memories
(like I made on my deck yesterday),
or real camping, laking, hiking memories,
you should plan on joining the Pajama FUNN Party!
Here’s how
make any minimum $29 purchase on 
from now until April 15th
But for the MOST FUNN, purchase the following Shopping List.
This will guarantee the additional pieces to make all these layouts
(I may even have a few more secret ingredients to send you).
The Timberline Shopping List
get a stamp set and resist frames when you get the
you will also need
You will also need
for the third layout and the rest of the layouts for the
Pajama FUNN Parties this season.
These easy peasy go together fast and simple layouts
are a perfect background for your outdoor memories – good or bad!
A friend once told me, if your husband is going to take you camping for the first time, it better be good.
What are your stories?
Let me help you save them.

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