March FUNN CropP

March 9, 2014

March FUNN CropP

How can a day be bad when it starts with this?
Cinnabon Cake, we all said, “YEAH!”
And look at this clever Kristin idea for an organizational FUNN TipP:
 She used a little 4″x6″ photo album to keep track of one of our favorite
Close To My Heart products — Alphabets!
Sweet idea, isn’t it?

Keep your conga lines, give me a line of happy scrapbookers anyday!

It is FUNN to walk around and see so many Close To My Heart products and papers 
becoming a part of your lives, ladies!
Your memories make us look more beautiful than ever!
No photo of the winner of the “Napping Contest”, but we know who you are!
I wish I had a video of Babs’ excitement when she saw the Bluebird My Crush Book! WOW!
And new interest in Studio J – one of my favorite products. Sorry there was no internet; it is the country!

Look at this cute Girl Scout banner made by Molly!
She made it from felt – not CTMH, but very cute idea.
Don’t forget to support the Girl Scouts! Cookies make life nicer.
We enjoyed the spacious club house at Linn Valley Lakes. I think we all thought of warmer days as we looked onto the lake and deck.
A day of friends, food, and FUNN.
Thanks for being so great, ladies. You are all Close To My Heart.


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