6 Retiring Stamp Sets You Really Should Have

January 18, 2014

6 Retiring Stamp Sets You Really Should Have

On February 1st, Close To My Heart and I will proudly present the new
(and honestly, it will knock your winter woolly socks off)
But until then, you need to be sure these six retiring My Acrylix stamp sets
are in your collection and here is why….

Bugs and Hugs is just a darling stamp set! Why, you could say it is as “Cute as a Bug!”! Think about it, you have seven creepy crawlies ( good for boys, blossoming beauties, or for a get well card (Caught a bug? Ugh!); yoU get a cute border stamp for fairy lovers or trolls; and four really nice sentiment stamps (remember you can use just “hugs” if you want!); and that all adds up to one word:

Next on my list of “must haves” is 

Adventure USA! I love all the adorable small stamps that can be used on teeny tags, as a stand alone icon, and the outline map of the USA? When will that be available again?
We just never know when we need a flamingo, lobster, or tepee, but we’ll be ready with this set!
Perfect for your “stay-cation” memories or coast to coast travels.
Just because I don’t think we will see anything like this again soon, I say get it!

Words, words, words, where would we be without the perfect word?
Why is Card Word Puzzle a must have? Are you kidding? 54 words in a clear no nonsense font and word endings such as, “ed” and “ing” is enough, but add to those 54+ reasons you get botanical stamps that are as pretty monochromatic as in color.
Did you notice these words stamps were used on the tags with Adventure USA?
The deal MAKER is this stamp’s price, too, only $13.95.
My nose would not be safe from Sassy Cat if I didn’t add this purring princess stamp!

Cozy Cat is adorable. Actually, that is ’nuff said. You will be sorry if you don’t get this.
You will be up a tree if you don’t get this. Plus, even if you are allergic to cats, you’ll be fine.
We all know cat lovers and cat lovers deserve to get cute cards.
What kind of respectable dog lover would I be if I touted the charms of “Cozy Cat” and ignored 
A really crumby one!
The word bubble alone is worth the price of admission and “Hello!” is always handy.
This is a cute set for a “doggie treat” bag topper, a lunch box lovie note, or a “It’s a Dog’s Life” layout.
If you don’t want to be in the dog house, be sure to have this set.
Did I mention Cozy Cat and A Bowwow are only $6.95 per set? What a doggone good deal!
and last, but not least, this really great collection!
4 My Friend is a jim dandy set I had over looked!
For schnizzle!
I’m glad I noticed it, it is really a great set for scrapbookers and card makers!
This set can be used simply stamped in the corner of blank card base, matted and added to a photo of a sunset or family shot, added to tags for a cute scrapbook embellishment.
You will miss this set “like crazy” if you don’t buy it before February 1st.

Ready to get these sets? Here’s where:

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