FUNN CropPs – just like the big football games

So many things to consider: what to pack, what you are planning to create, cropping uniform, do you have the right paper, your “play” book, do you need to order something before hand, light, pillow, cash, photos, journaling notes, old calendars, and plenty of adhesive!
Then, of course, you will want to choose a large enough vehicle to carry the load!

The Game
Yes, this is an important part of the FUNN Cropp and as you can see, all the players have plenty of personal yardage of their own to run their plays. The arena has good lighting, too, and is climate controlled so no freezing or sweating like those outdoor crops. FUNN CropP teams often act as cheer leaders, coaches, and fans of the other FUNN Croppers, too. 
We are cool that way.
PS the rest rooms at FUNN CropPs are private, nice, and clean! SCORE!
No parking way out in left field, though. Up close parking and no stairs to maneuver. It rocks.
Access to a refrigerator, soda machine, water, sink, and ice without having to wait for the vendor.

The Fooooooood
A hungry FUNN Cropper is as rare as ice skates on Peyton Manning’s feet at game time.
With breakfast, a mid-afternoon dessert (home made ice cream), and a hearty home made supper included, who would go hungry?
Did I mention snacks? It is a veritable Pinterest smorgasbord of sweets, cheeses, and surprises.
There was even a “Better-than-s*x cake one time! 
Many like to go to the nearby golf Pro Shop for a little low cost and delish lunch or maybe just some onion rings and a soda. 
It is important to have adequate concessions and nutrition for the long haul.

The Characters
There are always some characters in the stands at FUNN CropPs,
but I have yet to see any four croppers with 
written across their tummies doing the wave.
But when you get a bunch of creating ladies together behind closed doors, anything can happen!
Like friendships, encouragements, atta girls, and laughter/laughter/laughter.
After all, this is a FUNN CropP of Mary Gunn’s!

The Plays / Gaining Yardage
Like football, FUNN CropPers enjoy some great plays during our 11 hour day.
Our plays come in the form of beautiful completed layout. 
Down made and memory saved.
Bring on the touchdown dances!
And there are some great plays which are remembered in many scrapbooks during FUNN CropPs.
Lucky families who loan their mamas out for some scrapbooking time – they will have a lifetime of memories which they will cherish.
Wow, I spelled “souvenirs” correctly!
There are always LOTS of gently used supplies, papers, cute greeting cards, and all ready made layouts
available to purchase at great low prices.
All commercials are for Close To My Heart products and Mary Gunn FUNN events.
Doritos schmoritos.
Of course everyone is a winner at FUNN CropPs, some just win bigger!
Yep, prizes are given out at the end of every game, I mean FUNN CropP.
And who doesn’t love that time of the day?
The Post-Game Show
Your home life will be waiting for you with new stories, beautiful faces, and laundry.
As you unpack, consider what worked and what you didn’t need.
Drop a note in your rolling tote of your thoughts.
Mark your calendar for the next FUNN CropP and start your plans to be there!
Because whether you get everything “accomplished” or not, win, or lose,
there will always be the next season!
I am getting ready for the 2014 FUNN CropP season to start in March.
Registration will kick off in February.
And the cost will still be nice and affordable – just like you like.
Now I need to work on my dramatic entrance!
Thanks for an exciting year, Chiefs!

Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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