My Christmas To-Do List 2000 – scratch that – 2001

December 21, 2013

My Christmas To-Do List 2000 – scratch that – 2001

just ran across this list I made to cheer a busy mommy friend up at Christmas… 
maybe it will cheer you up, too!

Starts off with a bang, then comes the second, third, and fourth weeks…..

Christmas 2000 2001

Goal: To break all the “steps of Christmas” into workable pieces, check off list to bliss!

Week One:
1. Order all out-of-town gifts
2. Hand stamp all cards (don’t forget mailman, UPS man, and grocery checker)
3. Watch diet
4. Make donations of toys, clothes, money, work at a soup kitchen
5. ADVENT activities – daily
6. Have extra quiet times to prepare heart
7. Sew gifts for Mom, girls, and neighbors

Week Two:
1. Watch “White Christmas” while eating popcorn (Sunday)
2. Watch “Muppets Christmas Carol” Friday
3. Start Advent Calendar
4. Have normal quiet times, but memorize Luke 2
5. Shop for a sweat shirt for Mom and girls. Cross off neighbors gifts – not going to happen.
6. Be sure pants aren’t getting tight

Week Three:
1. Find “White Christmas” and microwave popcorn (note where I store for next year)
2. Forget hand stamped cards, Xerox hand drawn “cards”
3. Do second day of Advent Calendar
4. Read Luke 2 during the week. Find favorite verse to memorize
5. Ask Mom if she wants a sweat shirt
6. Buy new bigger sweat pants for me – black

Week Four:
1. Hum “White Christmas” on the way to the mall
2, Send email or internet Christmas greetings
3. Wear a jumper
4. Do Day 3 and the remaining Advent Calendar activities
5. Try to remember to read Luke 2
6. See if Mom would be happy not exchanging gifts
7. Have a MERRY Christmas no matter what – be determined!
8. Make notes on what to do next year like start shopping on the 12-26

CHRISTMAS DAY – be amazed because as the Grinch discovered about Christmas…
“It came without ribbons!… it came without tags!… it came without packages, boxes, or bags!”

Christmas is always special because of The Reason. Merry Christmas!

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