Messy Desk? We are in Brilliant Company!

October 27, 2013

Messy Desk? We are in Brilliant Company!

My studio makes these guys look like pikers.
Brilliant People’s Messy Desks
Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
Inspired by Tresa Black posting the above article, I’m showing you my studio. 
Neatniks – you may want to look away.
Fellow travelers – rejoice!
Hoarders – don’t come to bother me, I won’t answer.
Mom, I’m sorry.
NOW, let’s play, I spy with my little eye!
  My business desk & “video studio”
BTW, there will be a great video announcement soon, too.
Can you spy: one of the Super Glue Guys, my video camera, and my “SIXGUNN” licence plate?

moving around clockwise

BELIEVE it or not – my sewing machine is under there and I can get to it without difficulty.
Can you spy? My Crush Tote, my CTMH cruise scrapbook page, and a pair of black pants which have needed to be shortened for 4 or 7 years?

Some of my favorite parts of this side of the studio…
FUNN Tipp: let your kids paint on a canvas. It makes them feel like the artist they are and may inspire you later. Just like these two paintings done by my daughters many moons ago.
A charcoal piece I did in high school which made me feel like an artist
Some of my favorite cards I’ve made. 

Riddle me this: when is floor not a floor? When it multi-tasks as the lower shelf!
Can you spy: my CTMH PhD diploma, my “Scrapbooking Mary” plate – a gift from upline MaryBeth Wright, and my October FUNN CLubB Babycakes scrapbook project?
Yeah, getting in the closet is a little tricky, that is probably why it is tidy!
Stacker, Piler, Packer, that is me!
Can you spy? My blog banner, my son’s painting from school, my beautiful Close To My Heart paper?

Several favorites – a photo of my Kitty Carlisle in a unique frame by a fellow artist and a darling needle point made by and given by Nancy, a dear FUNNy friend!

Getting on around to the door and my to-do calendar.
Can you spy? Close To My Heart stamps (good thing they are not wood and rubber), my son’s lightening photography, a pencil drawing of one daughter, my cricut (easy).
My creative spot!
Surrounded by tools, inks, stamps, embellishments (ALL CLOSE TO MY HEART), favorite photos, sayings, and lyrics.
Can you spy: some jarred alcohol markers (kept in an antique canning jar from my Nana’s house), reinkers? I know, I can barely spy them, too.
Near and above my creative spot – love, love, love.
Can you spy? a pencil drawing of my daughter, copies of the scrapbook articles from the local paper, a hair piece from a FUNN Cropp, family photos, our horses, my dog, my son’s band cd cover, my hockey mom button, Scripture, “Momu” in glitter, ideas for scrapbook layouts, and a clock that mocks me.
Light at the end of my tunnel – so to speak – from which I can enjoy a lovely view.
From my business desk I see woods. From my creative spot, I see woods and lake. 
So I can handle the very organized mess because all I have to do is look out!
Can you spy: the happiness I feel here, the creative tension, the joy of refuge? 
Those who do are kindred spirits.
And to Tresa – thank you!
This is a future scrapbook page.

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  1. luv2srap
    November 1, 2013 at 12:33 pm #

    To fun. Thanks for sharing. Now I do not feel so bad about not being able to get to my closet or see the floor in my scrap room.

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