NEW FUNN! Recipe Coloring Pages – Funeral Balls and Bug Cake

October 20, 2013

NEW FUNN! Recipe Coloring Pages – Funeral Balls and Bug Cake

This fall I’m bringing some new FUNN to this blog.
 Sharing favorite recipes with a FUNN twist!
Some noms will be from the great cooks I have had the privilege to sup with, some will be my own concoctions, and some will be show stoppers I have run upon which beg to be shared!
Plus a scrapbook FUNN twist on the project! The recipes will be artsy-ed up.
And you can have your own B&W version to color and embellish!
And because you need a place to keep these FUNN recipes, I’ve designed them to fit perfectly in this 
Often, the pages will be fit on the Close To My Heart Artbooking Cricut Cartridge pages, as well.
SO – let’s get on with the FUNN.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to a lovely FUNNy lady named Jean.
This is her recipe for

What are “Funeral Balls”?
In small town Kansas, it is tradition for church family to bring a meal to the church for sharing with the mourners on funeral day. It is a kind and loving gesture which brings both comfort and sustenance.
In my experience, there is much visiting, sharing, hugging, crying, and good food at these times.
About Jean
She is a very nice Kansan with wonderful sense of humor. Jean brings home made BBQ meatballs so often to these church meals, her family began to call them “Funeral Balls”. 
It was an obvious FUNN item I had to share with you!
Jean agreed graciously to share her story and recipe.
To top it off, one day she brought a pan of these tasty gems to the office for our lunch!
It is without hesitation, I highly suggest you try this recipe soon. They are YUMMY!
Thank you so much, Jean! You are FUNN!
Amy says “Cheesy Potatoes” are a bomb-diggity side with Funeral Balls, but that is for another day.
For my second recipe page, I am sharing a family recipe. My little Nana’s recipe is so yummy and is a  perfect fall dessert. Confession: I never had the nerve to eat this until I made it myself. I had to be certain there were no REAL bugs!
Nana’s Bug Cake!

But why Bug Cake – are there really BUGS!?!
I’m not sure why this delish cake is called “Bug Cake”!
But here are my two theories:
– you use overly ripe fruit the bugs have started eating (cut off the bad parts)
– the raisins and nuts look like bugs
Whichever the case may be, you will be bugged to make it again once you have shared it once.
About my Nana
Nana was my Dad’s little Mama. She could be described as a simple cook who was as frugal as she was tidy. She even made soap from fat! Raising a family of 4 kids during the Depression, no doubt encouraged her thrift. I can’t help but think she would have liked all the DIY projects on Pinterest !
My book will include the story of the recipe and an artistic rendition of the how-to recipe.
You will be able to write your own story!
So there you have it, my coloring page recipe book project has begun. 
If you would like to have your own copies of  my B&W drawings, please email me and I’ll send you your own to print and copy. 
Hoping to get a download feature soon to help you out.
FUNN TIPP:  laminate your pages to protect them.
Let me know what you think of the project and of the recipes.
If you are a FUNN Fann of this, please share my blog with your friends and family.
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