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Will You WIN My My Crush My Tote Bag?

tick tock tick tock 10-31-13  is the last day to order the following and qualify for the drawing for an adorable  My Crush Tote designed and made by me! This little bag is custom made to hold your My Crush book, embellishments, accessories, adhesives, and markers. You will LOVE it! Time to purchase: November’s FUNN […]

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Messy Desk? We are in Brilliant Company!

My studio makes these guys look like pikers. Brilliant People’s Messy Desks Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Inspired by Tresa Black posting the above article, I’m showing you my studio.  Neatniks – you may want to look away. Fellow […]

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Super Glue Guy Croppin “Hams” it Up

  The inspiration is from one of the best movie adaptations of one of the best books I’ve ever read (several times). Can you name the book / movie? Can you name the character who wore this costume? See the scene which inspired here. Thanks to my supporting Close To My Heart products, the Pulitzer […]

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This October is a FUNN Month to Order!

When you order $50 this month from me,  you get a FUNN card kit as a thank you gift! You’ll be ready to decorate (or leave as is) 4 easy cute cards. You get 2 “HO HO HO” cards and 2 Christmas tree cards. Perfect to brighten someone’s day! Who do you have in mind for […]

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Here’s to Enjoying Our Fall!

Simple little card made with Close To My Heart Cricut shapes, love, and FUNN! If all goes well, I will posting a very FUNN beginning of project tomorrow night….but until then, Happy Fall! Other Recommended FUNN Results of a Day at my MESK! Teacups – Time for some Hot Drinks! FUNNday MUNNday Boutique Card Ideas

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Those she be little, she is fierce!

Breast cancer is a monstrous thing. Remember, be FIERCE! Remember, be cute! Other Recommended FUNN Mary Gunn FUNN presents … The Super Glue Guys…Making Friends with the Paper Scrap Monster September’s Chalk It Up Pajama FUNN Party! A NEW My Reflection Kit? Not Likely!

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