National Stamp Month Special and If You Were at My Kitchen Table

September 5, 2013

National Stamp Month Special and If You Were at My Kitchen Table

If I were sitting with you at my kitchen table and you wanted to know about how groovy Close To My Heart stamps are, this video says what I’d say.
Except I would go off on lots of bunny trails and tell you stories about my family and our animals.
And except my fingers are stubby and old looking and Kristine has beautiful hands.
Plus she is very tall and way FUNN size in height and I don’t ever dress up.

Other than that, this is what I would tell you these things at my kitchen table.

Then we would make some FUNN projects, have iced tea, cookies and watch the birds outside.
It would be delightful.

And here is a triple-header stamp set I would insist you get because it would make you happy to use.

Then I would remind you it is only available during September 2013.
for only $10 with a $50 qualifying purchase.
This is perfect for someone new to stamping or well seasoned to this craft!

Here is a list just over $50 for you to get for starting:
2″X 2″ Block – this is the one by one – oops (3.95)
Your Choice of 10 Mini Ink Pads:
plus a Cool Stamp Scrubber and Spritz Cleaner, you’ll be stamping up a storm!
You can get all that and anything else you’d like at FUNN.ctmh.com. Let me know if you have questions, need help, or have several other friends who’d like to order and get rewards, too!
Be watching for cute simple cards made with just these products. You’ll be able to re-create them just like we were sitting around the kitchen table together.
Whatcha waiting for? Let’s get our stamping FUNN on!

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