A Happy Discovery!

May 5, 2013

A Happy Discovery!

Velcro and Post-it Notes were happy discoveries.
And so is this!
Liquid Glass now has the perfect holder – the Tulle Spool!
This must be what it felt like for Madame Curie, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or Jonas Salk!
Ok, it isn’t quite as cool as their contributions of discovery, but it is pretty dern FUNN!
If you are not familiar with Liquid Glass, you guys need to meet!
Here are just a few things I use Liquid Glass for in paper crafting:
drops of rain on petals
adding a shiny gloss to “windows”
making flat Stickease dimensional
as a medium to hold Prisma Glitter on snowflakes for instance
Here are few places I have used Liquid Glue in life:
adhesive which replaced E6000 for everything!
velcro to wood
plastic to paper
fixing, fixing, fixing
You need both!
Have a Happy FUNN Day!

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