Which Downton Abbey Character?

January 20, 2013

Which Downton Abbey Character?

Which Downton Abbey character is most like your scrap booking style?

Take this simple quiz to discover your inner Downton Abbey scrap booking character!

Pick the one best description of your scrap booking style.

When I scrapbook, I usually…

a. buy a kit or read a book and follow the instructions precisely
b. leave out some of the facts
c. use simple supplies, but always get a wowie look
d. focus on witty titles and quips
e. make up facts to make you look the best
f. make books for others without complaining
g. go off grid and do your own thing
h. host an outreach crop for the community
i. make layouts, but never feel they are as good as someone else’s
j. do not scrapbook because you do not feel worthy to have your story told and remembered
k. expect someone else to scrapbook your life’s story for you

Now, your choice reveals your Downton Abbey scrap booking character!

a. Carson 
b. Lady Mary
c. Mrs Patmore

d. The Dowager

e. Mrs O’Brian or Thomas
f. Anna
g. Lady Sybil
h. Isobel Crawley
i. Lady Edith
j. Matthew
k. all of the Aristocrats!
Hope you enjoyed this little FUNN quiz!
I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey!
Why, I might scrapbook a layout about this television phenomenon! 
So, which of the characters do you most resemble?

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Mary, this is fabulous. I'm waiting for tonight's episode – my relaxation for the week! Thanks for being so creative!

Heather Plotzke

This was super, super funny!!!!


As I fully expected, I resemble the Dowager Countess in all things that matter!


As I fully expected, I resemble the Dowager Countess in all things that matter!

Barbra Otten

That's pretty accurate!

Adeline E. Brill

I love Downton Abbey as well! I am sooo Anna!

Tina Taylor

Love this! I am linking to it on my blog. Unfortunately I am Carson – I am going to work on loosening up a bit!

Army Mommy AKA Beth Ann

This was a lot of fun, Mary.


Carson, Mrs. Patmore, or Edith. Hmmm… is that a good thing?