Colors will be Retiring Soon & Comments

July 25, 2012

Colors will be Retiring Soon & Comments

FUNN reminder…. there are LOTSA colors retiring as of August 1st! 
Order now if you love ….
Sunflower (like this card yellow)
Baby Pink (awwwww)
Taffy (whoop-dee-do!)
Sunkiss Yellow
Key Lime (will only be able to eat it now)
Heavenly Blue (awww)
Crystal Blue (brrrrrrr)
Amethyst (couldn’t spell it without looking anyway)
Holiday Red (kinda sorry about this one)
Sunny Yellow (ain’t now sunkissing or sunny-shine anymore)
Dutch Blue – no comment!
Moonstruck (guess not enough scrappers were starstruck over moonstruck)
Vineyard Berry (one of my first colors – Fruit of the Vine!)
TULIP – shocked about this; but Tulip will move over for RUBY!
Garden Green (another one of my first colors – can still achieve with 2nd gen Olive)
Spring Iris (an old friend – a very neglected old friend)
Petal (never got very close with Petal)
Garnet (seriously, didn’t know we still had it)
Pansy Purple (wonder when the last time I used this?)
Grey Wool and Grey Flannel (new grays are coming)
Vanilla Creme (probably ok, always made me want ice cream, can I get a witness?)
Parchment (I think I have this card stock)
Brown Bag (bag lady color to be replaced with “Saddle” which is much better)
Retiring My Reflections Kits and many coordinating embellishments:
Cruisin’ (still can get to qualify for the free August PJ Party)

Order online and get some “While Supplies Last,” too!

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