H2H Blog Challenge – Ribbon

Well, this is my last Heart 2 Heart Challenge as a design team member.
It has been a real thrill to have such a position last six months. 
Thanks to Haley and Mary Vogel for their support and  kindness – even when I panicked about getting the post up! You two do a really great job on a really great challenge blog!
It sure has been a hard job picking winners; it sure has been FUNN to leave comments!
So here is Miss Sock Monkey showing her latest outfit – all in ribbon!
This week’s challenge is to use 2 or more ribbons on the same project!
Is your mind thinking of all the cute ways you can do this?
Then put it together and share on the H2H Challenge Blog!
Miss Sock Monkey and I are looking forward to seeing your art!
About Miss Sock Monkey’s outfit:
Miss Monkey is made completely of Close To My Heart products!
(Click on links to order or see more about the products)
Her rose ribbon hat was inspired by a hat my Nana wore to my Mom and Dad’s wedding. 
Her cute little striped ribbon dress has a very chic petal skirt and a very hip pink pom pom ribbon belt.
Miss Monkey has the latest in Cotton Candy lipstick and nail polish.
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Hope you’ll click on “home” and see other posts that are Miss Sock Monkey approved.
Have some FUNN in your day!
Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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Haley D.
Haley D.
8 years ago

Miss Sock Monkey is so stinkin' cute! I can't stand it! My DD is so totally going to want me to make her one if she sees this. Your details are terrific.

It has been so much FUNN having you on the H2H DT!!! We hope that you will continue to play along as time allows.

8 years ago

Isn't she the cutest! Ditto on Haley's comment, my daughter wants one now too! So much FUNN Mary!

8 years ago

Stop the Funn! Too much Funn!

8 years ago

Your sock monkey card simply rocks the ribbon! Just adorable!

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