For Brightening My Day

October 25, 2011

For Brightening My Day

I love stamping. One of the FUNN things you can do with stamping is make your own patterned paper like I have done here.
Just stamped a bunch of little flowers in different colors on Colonial White card stock and then sponged over them with Honey ink. The Honey color is also used several other places on this card.
Can you find them?
If you said Honey was used for the card stock base, you’d be right.
If you said, I stamped the grid pattern in Honey ink, you’d be right.
Where is that last one?
Why, I sponged Honey ink on the circle with the sentiment!
Honey sure “sweetened” this card! “Bee” sure to buzz over to my website and order some Honey!
The next card may have to include corn because I sure am corny. 

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