October FUNN Quiz!

October 12, 2011

October FUNN Quiz!

It is time for a little FUNN QUIZ contest!
by Mary Gunn FUNN

An October Appropriate Breast Cancer Awareness QUIZ
1. Which year did Mary Phelps Jacobs develop the first modern bra?
a. 1716
b. 1893
c. 1913
d. 1946

2. The modern bra replaced the
a. corset
b. girdle
c. truss
d. boobie pocketeers

3. “I dreamed I was ….in my ….. bra” was the ad campaign of what bra manufacturer in the 1960’s?
a. Playtex
b. Frisky Kitten
c. Sominex
d. Maidenform

4. What feature did another common ad campaign for bras tout in the 1960’s?
a. Lift and Separate
b. Shove and Squeeze
c. Grab and Hold
d. Nag and Sag
e. Hide and Seek

Don’t forget early detection is very important!

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