The Early Bird is Singing!

September 19, 2011

The Early Bird is Singing!

Hey Little Blue Bird of Happiness, whatcha singing?
The Early Bird Registration Reminder Song!
It sounds like this…. Today, Today, Today!

Thanks for the reminder, Blue Bird of Happiness! You are right-o! 
Today is the last day for the discounted Early Bird Registration fee!
Only $15 for the 12-Hour FUNN Cropp on Saturday, October 8th, from 9:30 to 9:30
What’s that, Little BB?
Yes, the FUNN Cropps are all about value (and FUNN)!
Imagine being a FUNN Cropper!
You take a short scenic drive from southern Johnson County to Linn Valley Lakes.
You have your car FULL of promise! Photos, snacks, papers, adhesives, embellishments!
You’ve start the FUNN the minute you pick up your friend and wonder how in the world you are going to fit one more tote in the car!
You pull in, breath in the fresh country air, and rejoice because there are NO stairs to deal with!
You take your first load in and are greeted with the smell of a hot griddle,
cinnamon blueberry pancakes and coffee.
You look around and see everyone gets an entire 8′ table to themselves!
What is that? A little welcome gift at your spot? FUNN!
You unload and then fuel up on a hearty breakfast of juice, pancakes, eggs, yogurt, fruit and coffee.
Focus – you can hardly believe you have 12 hours to scrap!
The morning goes quickly. 
Soon it is time for a scrumptious dessert, coffee, and a little demo time with Mary Gunn FUNN.
Maybe a little walk outside over to the mini golf course just to stretch, well, maybe 9 holes!
Back to an iced tea and the next round of layouts – 
you are already thinking about who you can bring next time!
Another few hours fly by and here comes Mary with supper!
You haven’t had this much service since you were in the hospital with your last delivery and this time there isn’t any pain! tee hee
Supper is over. mmmmm. fired up for the last few hours.
Time to access your successful day and lots of prizes. Everyone will get something FUNN!
Yes, Little Bird Bird of Happiness – there will be LOTS of happiness! 
So sing your song!
Today, Today, Today!

The sun will come up tomorrow, but so will the FUNN Cropp fee!
$19 registration from Tuesday, September 20th till the close on Saturday, September 24th.
only 4 more spots open
only 2 more spots open!
only 1 more spot open – saving it for you!
This FUNN Crop is FULL!
Feel free to ask about November’s Cropp.


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