A Little Birdie Told Me…

you want to be at the next FUNN Cropp on Saturday, August 6th! 9:30 to 9:30
12-hours of scrapping FUNN only $19
Registration closes 7-30 or when all seats are taken.
What is a FUNN Cropp like?
The best because only FUNN people are there!
You get your own huge table
2 delish meals
a dynamite dessert during the demo
You can take a dip in the pool around the corner
Dandy prizes
The NEW Fall / Winter Idea Book – FREE
and surprises
Contact me by clicking on the link on the right — yup — right over there! You got it!
Mary GunnMary Gunn is the Founder and Head Professor of FUNN University. She has 20+ years experience in direct sales. She has 25+ years experience in teaching. She has combined her love for teaching and paper crafting in FUNN University. Please visit our online campus and take advantage of your first month as a gift.
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Rebecca Rothermich
Rebecca Rothermich
9 years ago

Drat! if only I wasn't going on vacation or if only it was the next weekend!

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