Mother’s Day Studio J

May 17, 2011

Mother’s Day Studio J

I love this layout, apparently, because I used it twice! But how many layouts do you have that get this many photos on them?  hmmm?
This layout is from this year’s Mother’s Day / Russ birthday celebration. THIS YEAR’S!
I should copyright this next phrase about Studio J. 
With Studio J you’ll be so caught up you’ll be able to catch up. 
It’s a scrapbook thing, Only a scrapbooker would understand.
So Studio J, how do I love you?
I love you because with you I can change the colors of the papers.
I love you because I can duplicate the My Stickease and use them as many times in whatever size I want.
I love you because I will be able to remember this day with some of my family because it was scrapbooked before I forgot.

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