NoVeMBeR FUNN CROPP and Kettle Corn

October 28, 2010

NoVeMBeR FUNN CROPP and Kettle Corn

We’re closing in on our first official year on Paddle Boat Lake and what a year. It has been great living out here. We’ve discovered so much! Things like…
    life if just fine without cable and tv
    it is really quiet on the deck on Sunday morning
    there are SO MANY STARS
    bats like to dart around heads while on a boat at dusk
    gotta remember to order our water
    propane is expensive
    40 minutes into town really isn’t that bad
    bonfires and beautiful sunsets in the back yard are FUNN
    country life is different than Johnson County
    having CROPPS in Linn Valley ROCK!

NEXT FUNN CROPP is a hurry up and make your plans Cropp!
    When: Saturday, November 13th
                10 to 10
    (stay as long as you want as long as long as it isn’t past 10 – cabins are an option, too)
    Where: Linn Valley Lakes, of course!
    How much: $25.00 for a day of cropping FUNN
        includes a faster easier simpler make and take
        2 scrumptious meals
        a large table of your own
        prizes and gifts — projects and products
        discounted products for sale
        cards and layouts for sale
    Deadline for registration (with payment) is November 6th

    Call your cropping buddies and take over! Seating is limited.

Around the Mid-West there are a bunch of fall fairs and festivals. One of the all time favorite treats is Kettle Corn. Here is a recipe I found in a local magazine…
1/4 c. veggie oil
1/2 c. popcorn kernels
1/4 c. sugar
1 T. salted butter, melted
1 t. coarse salt

In a large pot with a tight-fitting lid, heat the oil over a med-hi heat. Add popcorn.
When the oil sizzles, sprinkle the sugar over the kernels.
Cover and shake the pan until the popping slows down (about 3 minutes).
Remove from the heat and toss with melted butter, then add salt.

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  1. Jennifer
    November 4, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    Mary, I saw your comment on the 3 ring binder mini album that I posted……I have cutting dimensions if you are interested! Just email me at rbennett3616@msn.com and I will send you a doc.

    I had to wing all the dimensions……so thought maybe it would be easier for you to make if you had something to go by!

    OH and I LOVE your blog! Will bookmark your blog for sure!

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