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NoVeMBeR FUNN CROPP and Kettle Corn

We’re closing in on our first official year on Paddle Boat Lake and what a year. It has been great living out here. We’ve discovered so much! Things like…     life if just fine without cable and tv     it is really quiet on the deck on Sunday morning     there are SO MANY STARS […]

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What FUNN!

Thanks, FUNN Croppers for a great day Saturday. So sorry we had some who couldn’t come play! Congratulations to Molly for making EIGHT, count ’em, EIGHT beautiful layouts! Congratulations to Joyce and Karen for enjoying yourselves and finding inspiration. WOOHOO to Cathy for getting the make and take that turned out to be epic done […]

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Fall Bannah

How To 1. get a stick 2. add some cardstock, stamps, embellishments 3. eat something 4. now what? SURPRISE TIME! One of my FUNN CROPPERS will be winning this Fall Bannah tomorrow! Looking forward to our FUNN cropping good time, ladies! Other Recommended FUNN Quick Christmas Scrapbooking Tips Giving & Merry Christmas

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A Classic Old Woodie

Tresa Black’s Blog-to-ber fest is focusing on stamps today and so I thought I’d celebrate with her using one of my Classic Close To My Heart Woodies – the jar stamp. I donated / sold most of my woodies when I personally converted to Acyrilix (seriously, wood for everyday? No Way!), but a few I […]

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Banner Fevah

So I’ve caught banner fevah – it isn’t a horrible thing, though. However, banner fevah is manifesting itself as seasonal confusion. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, “It isn’t even halloween.” But I borrowed Elf from the library, I have Christmas paper all over my table, and I have a very Merry banner made. Guess one symptom of […]

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Spooky Old Tree

One of my favorite memories is reading to kids – my kids in particular. One of their favorites was “The Spooky Old Tree”. Making this piece was a blast, too, as I found myself reciting verses from the book as I cut, stamped and drew. 3 little bears…. great sleeping bear…. will they get passed […]

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Happy October!

It seems that October is a hard month to upload photos on my blog. Hrumph. When I’ve tried, the little circle just keeps spinning until I get dizzy! Update: the October 23rd FUNN Cropp is full, but I could fit in 2 more of you, if you let me know soon. I’m thrilled to have […]

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