Life is Like a Bowl of Cherry-O!

July 25, 2010

Life is Like a Bowl of Cherry-O!

Had a wonderful day making 3 FUNN projects today with some scrapbooking lovin’ gals!

1st they made the FUNN Bundle layout found in the how-to guide.

Then we had some pasta and tossed salad lunch
Oh, let me back up! Vicky brought Louisberg Cider donuts (here I go down the donut hole!) and we had lots of fresh Bing Cherries (of course).

After we took nutrition, we were ready to do project numero dos – a Cherry-O Recipe Box.
Here I go in reverse again, FIRST we cut all the paper for the 3 projects.
Fast forward to after we took nutrition – it was immediately apparent I had forgotten to include the papers for the recipe box in the cutting guide. There are some things I can count on – goofs.
Thankfully, my buds were well fed and in a post-pasta semi conscious state and didn’t mind at all.! Love you, girls!

The 3rd project was a 10-page 9×9 recipe album. Flip Flaps, My Stickease and darling paper were the stars of the show. There was chatter about how cute this would be as a Christmas recipe book, too.

We just had a good ol’ time! These frames were little thank you gifties. If they want to use the frames, all they have to do is pop the middle part out, use that for a card of scrapbook element and pop in a pic.

Thanks, ladies!

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