My Stuffice

June 24, 2010

My Stuffice

Last fall I downsized my life, including my Happy Corner Studio.

Many wondered how I would do without all my wonderful built in California Cabinets and custom made scrapbooking tables. I am here to thankfully pronounce, I am doing fine.

My scrapbooking room is MUCH smaller and the birds and hammie are in the room across the hall, which is just fine. I also share my room with Doug and his computer.
Thus, a studio – office or “stuffice”.

Thought you might enjoy seeing where I hang out these days.

I’ll just start with some pretty colors – my cardstock! Sorted by ROY G BIV (the colors of the rainbow – in order going: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violets and then neutrals). I guess that would make it more Roy G Bivn. You know I think we used to buy insurance from him.

There are little pieces of cardstock stapled to the edge of the bags with their names, as well. Works for me!

If you haven’t checked out Stacy Julian’s blog and her color sorting, please do! I love it!

Have a bright beautiful day!

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