Remember Christmas?

February 15, 2010

Remember Christmas?

Christmas had some snow delays and things got a little “off schedule” at our house and the sugar cookies never were baked. I had made the dough, but never got ’em baked, never the less decorated – guess that goes without saying.

I think I have made sugar cookies for at least 29 years in a row at Christmas until last Christmas when Leah stepped in and whipped up some mighty fine treats. How does that make me feel? FINE!

Well, I think I’ll be off to a great start for my Monday because yesterday I made the Christmas cookies into Valentine cookies. Something happened in the translation and 1 1/2 months in the freezer, though, the cookies flattened when they baked – it is ok, Doug and I will eat ’em. Actually we have almost eaten them already!

Have a get ’em done Monday and celebrate something FUNN this week!

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