January 2, 2010

A couple of FUNN touches are the little “rays” coming from behind the “for your kindness,” the TEENY WEENY sparkle, and the Autumn Terracotta star around the Outdoor Denim star.
Ready to get the scoop on how?

Little Rays – take a small piece of paper (B&T or cardstock) and cut little parallel slits almost to the end, but not quite. Leaving the little solid tag at the end keeps the whole cotton pickin’ thing together. Then just splay the little boogers how you want. Cool, huh?

Teeny Weeny sparkle is our new BITTY SPARKLES – and you get 100 of them for only $2.95 (z1263) – nothing but bling in ’10, ladies and gentlemen.

Autumn Terracotta Star -was made from one of the 3 star stamps found in the exclusive My Acrylix stamp set found in the YOU ROCK FUNN BUNDLE (*remember* FUNN BUNDLES have an exclusive stamp set designed especially for the My Reflections Paper Pack and is not available outside the FUNN BUNDLE). There are 3 star stamps in the bundle. I stamped the medium star and then the little star in the middle of the medium star. I cut into the medium star and cut out the little star. Having cut the little star out left a perfect hole to feature the Outdoor Denim star on the B&T paper.

TIP: when you have a busy paper like this – plan ahead and use the area that will most flatter the piece you are working on.

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