December 19, 2009

Talk about your cozy inviting rooms! Pottery Barn may want to feature this room in their next cattie! Yes, there is a real Welcome Home feel to it. Don’t you think?

I love the brick above the fireplace – looks like something I saw in November’s Month. The mantel is lovely, too. A real Cocoa color on a Desert Sand background.
The fire looks hot enough to make Glass Liquid (so to speak).
The Gray Wool Textured wall treatment adds some extra punch to the overall room. This room would look great if it were only 3″ square!

The Christmas tree is charming. I love the Clear Sparkle ornaments. The tree is so perfect, too. It looks like it could have clearly been stamped.

The floor is rustic and welcoming – love it! It looks distressed, maybe roughly sanded. I bet E.M.BOSS (the Boy’s contractor) was meticulous. He really knows the score.

Cute little stockings, huh? They bring a real Jingle to my mind! “The stockings were hung…” I love the names on the stockings, too, they will really leave a Legacy Written on The Boy’s heart. Yes, I know Christmas and traditions like stockings will always be Close To My Heart.

How cool is the hardware on the table, too? The drawer pull could be a Mini, Brad. I like it a lot better than something really big and it goes so well in the room being metallic and all. It could only get better if there are more of these in the room – will you help me find some?

Oh yeah, Sticky Boy has it all, even crown moulding. Whadda guy. He knows What’s Up!

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  1. Merilee
    December 20, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    Awesome card! Love the witty narrative – how clever!

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