Hey, it The Boy’s House – let’s look inside!

December 19, 2009

Hey, it The Boy’s House – let’s look inside!

It is so FUNN to drive around with you, Brad, and see the pretty houses this time of year. Even though this house at D1370 Welcome Home Lane doesn’t have bright lights, look how inviting it is. It looks like a Christmas card! I just want to open it! But, I guess we’ll have to enjoy how cute it is from the outside.

Wow, aren’t those Juniper trees really are pretty. The pots are like a Creme Brulee color – yum-mo! Are those Cranberry red spots? I think so.

The frost on the windows look like Prisma, Prisma Glitter! How cute to have a red door knob, even though it is a little worn – like someone sanded it – that red still screams “Summer Carnival” to me!

Did you notice? This house belongs to The Boys! Hey, I know the Boys, been to some Conventions with them. They always make people happy! Sticky Boy is a great guy. He is so creative, too. He is in the Acrylix business. He took over a classic woody biz and revolutionized the industry. He is certainly an entrepreneur. I love everything he’s ever made – can’t get enough! Love everything so much I even became a part of his business – yeah, but that is a story for another time. Maybe in January, when I celebrate our relationship of 10 years! It has turned out being an Independent Consultant hasn’t been just FELICITY, either. Wow – those years have gone faster than I thought. I’ll tell you, though, Sticky has made business much simpler and easier than I thought possible. He really gets my Stamp of approval. That is enough talk about business. We’ll talk more in January.

Let’s see if they’ll invite us in. We’ll just see how things un-fold inside. We may have to straighten up the walls to get a real good feel for the place.

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