Getting Closer….and a BIG surprise!

Well, we had Thanksgiving at the lake and it was such FUNN! I was quite relieved when I found out the oven did work – one never knows until one tests! It worked great, too. YEAH!

Hope you had a grand time celebrating and giving thanks with your kit and kin.

I got to see all four kids, but missed having my daughter-in-law with us. My Mom was here, too. What a trooper she is!

I almost didn’t make dressing until I found out Mom loves it as well as my son Stephen. So a quick stop with 159 of my closest friends at HyVee on Wednesday afternoon remedied the sitch.

My Happy Corner is shaping up and the internet is now working – apparently!!!
My email has changed to:
there is another one, too, but it just gets ridiculous like those Russian doll things (flight of the concord reference).

ok, so the big surprise …. my hubby has a “man cave” at the new house. It is a great get-away for him. Anyway, he called me out tonight to the man cave and announced he would like to make a SCRAPBOOK this winter when we snowed in! In the past, he always had a 2,700 sq. feet of driveway to shovel, but no longer – we have gravel! So he would like to scrapbook!
He brought his old yearbooks and would like to pull out his favorite pix and add his story to them from this end of the time continuum.
It is a good idea, too.
So, I’m thinking a 9×9 should be a good starting place. What do you think?

Pix coming soon!

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how fun that he wants to scrapbook with your assistance!! And to do one from pictures already taken and narrated – so you just have to add your own side of the story – brilliant! What a funn hubby you have! Good luck with the "man book". I can't wait to see how it comes out!