Lake House Living and my New Happy Corner

Ever take a band aid off slowly? The first pull and the last tug are the hardest and we are in the last tug of pulling off this move!
Our Leawood house is nearly empty, but what there is is scattered on counters and floors. It gives the appearance of not being nearly done and can freak me out at any given moment! But we are nearly done!

I spent the weekend at the lake house with Buckley and sometimes Doug and the girls. Leah said the tour should take as long as the drive out, but there really isn’t a good way to stretch the “grand tour” to 40 minutes. She liked it, though, and we love it!

It is going to be COZY and I expect full of animals, papers, stamps and glitter. My new art table is lovingly referred to as “the flying V” and is really more of a “flying L”. I’m planning on situating myself at the corner which hits the window which looks out into a wooded area and the lake – think relaxing inspiration!

I organized my paper yesterday and I’m trying a vertical thing, which I think I’ll like. After pulling charts at the docs’ place this fall, I think pulling paper packs will be very easy. Maybe I’ll label the edges with the first 2 initials of the paper pack’s last name, too!

It is a bit crazy how many boxes have been labeled “SCPBK ROOM” and it is actually delightful.

Here are a couple of page themes I know I want to make this winter…
– God is Good and He really knows, cares and loves me
– Buckley’s new home: 2 beds, walking off the dock, new friends, into the woods
– We’re not in Leawood any more
– 9849
– The Move

Oh, I better quit, I will want to run out to the new Happy Corner and play all day!

Speaking of playing all day – there is a $5 crop coming up north of the river (yes, I’m moving south) on Nov. 21st – let me know if you’d like to come and have some FUNN!

Speaking of cropps, the Community Center at my new place just might be the PERFECT spot for a cropp of 20 to 30, more as I learn!!!

More to come – adventures, old friend!

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