May 26, 2009

To camp or not to camp – what kind of question is that?

Of course to camp is the answer, but more precisely the question could be….is your idea of camping the same as mine? And before someone starts talking tents and trail mix, let’s get real…

Does your camping answer involve tents, campfires and let’s not even mention no running water!?! Then maybe we should talk before making too many plans!

My idea of camping and roughing it is not using a salad fork, a Motel 6 (all due respects, M6), and a “continental breakfast” of donuts and coffee with powdered creamer.

Whichever camp you prefer, you can use Back Country paper in the Close To My Heart Summer Idea Book (www.MaryGunnFunn.MyCTMH.com) for all sorts of manly cards and layouts, with camping and back yard funn themes. How ’bout a nature notebook for the young whippers getting out of school? How ’bout a care package for someone under a major redecoration of a kitchen? This kit is waiting for your imagination to take you to the back country and beyond!

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