A Close To My Heart Thanksgiving Quiz

November 22, 2007

A Close To My Heart Thanksgiving Quiz

After 20 years of teaching, I still enjoy giving a pop quiz now and again!

All questions can be answered with a Close To My Heart color or product.

1. The perfect side for your Thanksgiving dinner is:
a. mulligan stew brown
b. cranberry
c. olive
d. b and c

2. You know your turkey is done when it is:
a. white daisy
b. black
c. brown bag

3. A perfect color combination for your Thanksgiving decorations is:
a. harmony
b. celebration
c. harvest

4. A fun punch to serve at your holiday party could be:
a. Lilac Mist
c. Bubblegum
c. Kiwi
d. Crystal Blue
e. all of the above

5. Don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner and you’ll want to make your pudding from:
a. Vineyard Berries
b. Smokey Plums
c. Oranges
d. a box

6. To keep cookies from sticking to your sheets, try using:
a. Parchment
b. Stick Stock
c. Delta Creamcoat

7. A great after dinner mint recipe is:
a. Honey
b. Bubblegum
c. Buttercup
d. Ponderosa Pine

8. After a great day of feasting, football, family and friends, be sure to cuddle up with a cup of:
a. joe with key lime pie
b. cocoa with chocolate shavings
c. taffy espresso

Oh, one more Thanksgiving table hint, a pretty centerpiece will include blossoms of Pink Carnations, Purple Pansies, Hydrangeas, Spring Iris, and Sunflowers in an Autumn Terracotta or antique container with New England ivy wrapped around the base! Be sure to scatter some petals around the centerpiece to give that cozy, classic feeling and your table will be a timeless example of a garden full of memories. You’ll enjoy your celebration!

Whether you have your Thanksgiving dinner by the ocean, amongst bamboo, under gray flannel or gray wool blankies, at twilight or under the sunny yellow sky, I hope your Thanksgiving will be a special day and you say the memories will always be Close To My Heart!

Oh no! I must have used the teacher’s version with the answers in a different color than the quiz!
Well, I haven’t the time to fix it! I need to start dinner and watch a sappy Hallmark movie!

To my consultant friends and clients, you are all close to my heart!

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